Basic Shape Stamp - Rectangle

Stamp Specifications

• Dimension: 39 x 18 mm
• Oil-based ink (waterproof, pre-inked)
• Refillable
• Ink colour options: black/blue/red

Artwork Specifications

• Customisable text
• Available in Squared Kufi script only
• Digital copy add-on available (PNG format)


  • Text

    Type of Script

    Type of Script

    Ink Colour


    • 10 $
    • 45 $
    • 10 $

Why Choose Us

Handwritten by our licensed calligrapher

Artwork digitised by our licensed calligrapher

Free spelling check by our Arabic linguistic expert

Imported design for thematic stamps

3 ink colour options

Digital stamp copy in PNG format, A5 size (with additional fees)

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